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21st C Artefacts Terracotta Collection

21st C Artefacts Terracotta

Antique Tile Collection Collection

Antique Tile Collection

The MGM Tile Antique Tile Collection continues the long cultural tradition of applying the decorative element of glaze to a clay body.The carefully created patterns in this collection offer any design team the opportunity to make a timeless comment in any space.Terracotta, can be very easily defined as “baked earth”, and has a history dating back centuries, as previously noted. The typical uses over time have included tiles, mosaics, potteries of all types, roof tiles, drainage pipes and more. The body is usually relatively porous and may have been literally baked in the sun or fired in a kiln.
Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection is an artistic interpretation of the famous “Lenguas Mallorquinas” fabrics. Crafted by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans since the mid-1800s.This beautiful collection delivers six exciting patterns, featuring a sun-bathed vintage linen look and a cool indigo wash. This collection is produced on our own 6x6 terracotta tiles and is suitable for any interior wall applications.
Enchanted Garden Terracotta Collection

Enchanted Garden Terracotta

Forte Brick Terracotta Collection

Forte Brick Terracotta

Leitmotif Terracotta Collection

Leitmotif Terracotta

Mgm Terracotta Collection

Mgm Terracotta