Custom murals are a great way to customize any space in your home or business. Murals can be used for art installations, custom merchandising displays, backsplashes, and even showers! Custom murals come with many benefits that you don’t get with other types of art: they’re waterproof and easy to clean up after messy kids; they’re durable so they can last through years of wear and tear, and their size is flexible enough to fit into any space.

Here are the three main steps needed for creating amazing custom murals.


This is important because you want to make sure that your custom mural matches the style of the room, and also wants to reflect who you are as a person. You’re looking for someone with similar tastes in art or interests so that they can bring their unique perspective into every piece they create.

STEP TWO: SELECT A DESIGN OR THEME FOR THE MURAL.Most artists are happy to work with you on this, but sometimes they’ll have an idea in mind as well so it’s good to be prepared and come up with some ideas beforehand. You don’t want to waste time coming back and forth about what you want the mural to look like.

Note: Be sure that you have cleared all the copyright issues.


This is important because you want to make sure that it’s in an area where people will see and appreciate it, and also want something with room on either side if need be so that they can’t walk right up against it. The good thing about custom murals that they almost fit into any space.

A lot of people will work with you to get a good design in the right place, but if not then you need to be prepared!

You also want to make sure that it’s an area where there is enough light and ventilation (if needed) for continuing the project.

Instructions for installation come with each mural tile purchase and most reputable contractors will have no problem installing these tiles.